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Living Well is a cooperative effort of Independent like-minded holistic healers with a mission to empower the well-being of others. We each work by appointment and have different availabilities but make it very easy to schedule online.


Our Practitioners

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Michelle Manning, LMBT 15551

Owner/ Lic.Massage Therapist

Michelle is a holistic healer who incorporates many modalities into her practice from 20 years of experience in alternative care. She started studying alternative health in the 90s because of chronic pain from injuries and autoimmune disease. 
My goal is to educate and empower others to self-heal. Radiant health can be achieved by education, better habits and, intent of mind. 
I would be honored to help you achieve your goals.~ Michelle

Christy Ethridge, LSH

Raindrop Tech Specialist

After 25 years in the food industry, I have channeled my love and knowledge of food and health into a holistic lifestyle and self care practice. As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Raindrop Tech Specialist, I will tailor an individual wellness program to guide you to your most optimal and authentic self. Through nutrition, aromatherapy, Raindrop/Vita flex techniques, and spiritual empowerment, together we can maximize your entire life journey. I look forward to working with you.

Timothy M.

Reiki Master, 
Spirit Coach

Timothy has 20 years experience in spiritual coaching and Reiki.  "I approach everything I do from a place of love and acceptance. I am very honest and direct, using compassion as a foundation for my delivery. I believe my role as a healer is to assist in any way I can to help others live up to their highest potential"