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Techniques to address most pain and mobility issues head to toe

If you're ready to take care of your body in a whole new way, The Rossiter System's breakthrough stretches are for you! Prevent and relieve pain. Regain and build range of motion. Enhance performance. Take!


Where do Rossiter Stretching Workouts come from? 

Certified Advanced Rolfer, and former chronic pain sufferer Richard Rossiter created the Rossiter System® to help American factories successfully reduce workers' compensation costs, cut medical claims, and keep employees on the job.

His breakthrough stretches are being made available to everyone who is looking for a fast, effective, safe, and natural way to keep their bodies supple, and out of pain.



Power Levels Built Right into the System

The Rossiter System® has powerful levels of stretches, each built on the knowledge of the previous level. The more you advance through the levels, the quicker your results. 


How do these techniques work?

Rossiter targets your connective tissue; the head to toe network of ligaments, tendons, and fascia that envelopes, connects, and holds everything together. Connective tissue tightens and shortens from overuse, underuse, repetitive use, injury, and aging. The weight and active stretching losses and lengthen the entire network of tissue to its natural state. When this is achieved, pain is gone and mobility restored. 


How is this different than other approaches?

The Rossiter System® is different because it goes directly to the root of the problem and reverses it. Your body is essentially stretched from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Locking helps address seemingly unrelated issues for a whole body approach in addition to the technique itself



What is locking and why do it?

Connective tissue is the key to all types of structural pain. In fact, if you wiggle your fingers (or toes) while very gently holding the bridge of your nose between your thumb and forefinger, you can feel the thread-like wiggling movement of your nose. Try it! Locking lengthens tissue throughout the body while you focus on specific stretches elsewhere. Locking adds power to the Rossiter System. 



How often should I do a Rossiter StretchingWorkout?

It all depends on how long you've been in pain and if you go back to doing the things that got you into pain. If your pain is new, a workout every month or so may be fine. Deeper, longer-lasting issues may need more frequent workouts. With the Rossiter System, stretching and working hard produce quicker results. 


When should I do a Rossiter Workout?

Ideally, you should do Rossiter workouts to keep your body supple and pain-free, but you can do Rossiter any time. At the first signs of returning symptoms, it is past time to get another Rossiter System Workout. 


How do I make an appointment and how much does it cost?

All Rossiter Stretching System® workouts are By Appointment Only with Michelle Manning LMBT, Rossiter Coach. Rossiter System® workouts are not available for online registration, please call today to get out of pain and into the body you were meant to experience! Call us (252) 813-7221.

Rossiter System® Workouts: $50/30 minute session.